1. How do I optimize my results?

For optimal results ensure you are wearing the correct waist trainer. Although waist trainers promote perspiration to assist with weight loss, you must also team that up with both healthy eating and keeping active. Remember, what you put in today, will determine your own results! :)


2. What are the benefits of Waist Training?

  • Waist training is the process of gradually reducing one's waist size. With time and consistency you will see a reduction in your waist line. 
  • The neoprene material promotes perspiration in the area, assisting with weight loss in the midsection.
  • The compression of the Waist Trainers forces one to sit and walk upright, promoting better posture.


3. Is it safe to Waist Train postpartum?

The compression of each of our pieces will assist in the shrinking of your abdominal muscles after birth. The key is listening to your own body and taking it slow! After birth, we recommend any items from our shapewear line for a more subtle, yet still effective approach, and then gradually progressing to the waist trainers.